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Please refer to the resource listing below for parent handbooks and other helpful community resource guides.

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We know you want to make an informed choice when selecting the right center and program for your child. The following links provide useful information that can help you feel confident that you have made the best possible choice.


NCCICThe National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center (NCCIC), a service of the Child Care     Bureau, is a national clearinghouse and technical assistance (TA) center that provides comprehensive child     care information resources and TA services to Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Administrators and   other key stakeholders.


NCCAThe National Child Care Association (NCCA) is active in national childcare issues and works in Washington to balance the quality, affordability, and availability of licensed, private childcare and education programs. Its mission is to promote the growth and safeguard the interest of quality early childhood care and education focusing on licensed, private providers of these services.


naeycNational Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) administers an accreditation system to improve the quality of education and care provided in programs for young children ages birth to 8. Its website provides information for families concerning early childhood development and childcare issues. Founded in 1926, NAEYC is the world's largest organization working on behalf of young children with nearly 90,000 members, a national network of over 300 local, state, and regional Affiliates, and a growing global alliance of like-minded organizations.


Almanac of Policy Issues: Child Care Issues - The Almanac offers background information, archived documents, and links on childcare issues in the U.S. It focuses on need, affordability, and quality of care while providing links to many related resources.


ACFThe Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is a federal agency that funds state, territory, local, and tribal organizations to provide family assistance (subsidized), child support, childcare, Head Start, child welfare, and other programs relating to children and families.


HealthyChildHealthyWorldThis informative website (Healthy Child) is designed to help parents create a home  environment where  babies and children can thrive and reach their full potential. It advocates holistic, natural medicine and reducing environmental toxins as much as possible. Featured are hundreds of reliable, indepth articles, resources, and quality information about natural, holistic parenting plus carefully selected natural, non-toxic products for keeping babies and kids safe and healthy.


NRCThe National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care (NRC) website offers links to a variety of childcare resources, state licensing agencies, and guides to choosing a childcare program.



Video Resources

Im Moving. I'm Learning by Choosy Kids


PBS Kids


PBS Parents


Sprout Online


PBS Kidsplay

PBS KidsPlay

NHSA GoSmart



Articles and Advice

Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc. has developed this listing of articles for topics important to parents. Please check back often for informational updates that will be helpful to you in parenting.

Their Name Is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World. This new book is available FREE to MVCDC's parents and associates from Community Playthings.

 Their Name is Today2

Their Name Is Today is a tool with powerful potential to change hearts and minds, turning them toward the needs of our most vulnerable—children. Because of the timeliness and importance of its message, Community Playthings is happy to supply any quantity of this book free to the early childhood field, for use in classes, conferences, child care centers, trainings, or anywhere you feel it can support what is best for children.

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Why is Early Learning so Important?


Infant-Toddler Intervention on the Road to School Readiness: Lessons >From Early Head Start



"By the age of two, toddlers' brains are as active as those of adults. By the age of three, the brains of children are two and a half times more active than the brains of adults-they stay that way throughout the first decade of life."

- Rethinking the Brain: New Insights into Early Development, Rima Shore, 1997

"85 percent of a child's brain development takes place by the age of 5. Synapses are created with astonishing speed in the first three years of life.  For the rest of the first decade, a child's brain has twice as many synapses as an adult's brain.  This means that a child's environment during the first five years of life can greatly impact the brain's ability to develop."

- Rethinking the Brain: New Insights into Early Development, Rima Shore, 1997

"What occurs during the first five years of life can have an enormous impact on not only do well the baby's brain develops at the moment, but how well that baby learns and grow throughout their lifetime,"

- Christopher P. Lucas, MD, director of Early Childhood Services a the NYU Child Study Center

"Early experiences determine whether a child's developing brain architecture provides a strong or weak foundation for all future learning. Behavior and health.", p.3, Aug. 2007
"Your child learns more in their first three years than adults do in a decade."


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