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“The GED class has impacted my life in so many ways. Having a good team to support you and work with makes this program work much better! Another way this program has impacted my life is the inspiring and encouraging teacher we have. She takes time and patience with every one of us, so our needs are met! I would recommend this program to anyone that’s trying to make a difference in their life.”

- Mylia Lunsford, MVCDC Parent


“Since starting my GED class, I have managed to obtain a job. My new job has allowed me to make a way for my family. This makes me feel important and dedicated. All of my fellow students are great. I love coming to class because I feel like I can make it.”

- Dwayn Reed, MVCDC Parent



“I am writing to you because I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my job at MVCDC. Last school year was my first year with head start and I can’t wait until its August for another year! I want to thank you and the rest of the MVCDC staff for creating a positive learning environment for me. I know that once I receive my bachelors degree in early childhood education that I will be the best teacher I can be from all of the experiences here at MVCDC. My mom is an elementary teacher and I have grown up around the education system, so I know how much heart and hard work it takes for this field. I know how MVCDC helps the family all around and I feel like I truly make a difference to the children I see each day.”

- Brittany Naas, Teacher Aide



“I want to say how it is a job every morning to take Deontie in his class room. His teacher is always pleasant and so full of happiness and smiles. She always greets you with ‘good morning’ and always says ‘have a great day’. I can tell that she really enjoys her job and that always helps knowing this when you leave your child.”

- Michelle Johnson, MVCDC Parent



"My child has made many important advances socially and cognitively. She truly enjoys going to school. I appreciate the quality of this program and that she can be part of it even during the summer."

- Jerry B., MVCDC Parent



"I am very satisfied with the teachers and the program, and how comfortable my son is with everyone here."

- Shonda T., MVCDC Parent



"I really had a great experience with your home base program. It’s helped my daughter to be motivated for her kindergarten year."

- Derek F., MVCDC Parent



"My child has developed so much over the last couple of years. It’s an amazing program."

- Jolene L., MVCDC Parent



"My son has made a total turn around since he has been going here. He is more on his level of play and learning to play with children his own age. I would recommend it for anyone who needs it."

- Tierra R., MVCDC Parent



"This center has exceeded my expectations. The teachers were encouraging, passionate, and worked very well with my children. Great job!"

- Natasha B., MVCDC Parent



"I appreciate every visit, every phone call, and meeting that was given by the teachers/specialist. Everything really does make a difference. My daughter loves to be very independent now."

- Malcome A., MVCDC Parent



"Head Start is an absolutely amazing thing. My child loves school!"

- Rochelle W., MVCDC Parent



"My children have been at this center since 2006 when my first daughter came here. She’s now 5. It’s more like a family atmosphere for me than day care providers."

- Manicka E., MVCDC Parent

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