In order to qualify for Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc.’s services, you are required to be a:

  • resident of the State of Ohio
  • parent or primary caregiver responsible for a child who is too young for public school

Family Income Guidelines

Children from birth to age five who are from families with incomes below the poverty guidelines are eligible for Head Start and Early Head Start (infants and toddlers ages birth to three) services. Children from homeless families and families receiving public assistance such as TANF or SSI are also eligible. Foster children are eligible regardless of their foster family’s income.

If you are a U.S. national, citizen or permanent resident whose financial status is low income or very low income, who is under-employed, unemployed or about to become unemployed, facing pregnancy, less than 19 years of age yourself, or the parent or primary caregiver for children under the age of 19 years, your situation may qualify you for Head Start services.

If you are unsure of your qualification status, please contact 937.226.5664 for more information.