Children who are dual language learners (DLLs) are growing up with more than one language. The foundation for language begins before birth as babies process and store the sounds of the language in their environment.  The continued development of the child’s home language and early childhood program is an asset and will support the children progress in all areas of learning. Young children who speak two languages also benefit socially as they can create relationships in both languages while also maintain strong ties with their family, community and culture.  Children’s progress in learning English will vary depending on their past and current exposure to English, their age, temperament and other factors.

Intentional planning at the program and classroom level is necessary.  Teaching practices need to create learning environments that support children’s diversity and use proven strategies that promote home language and English acquisition.  We allow children to demonstrate the skills, behaviors and knowledge in their home language, English or both languages.  Please talk to your child’s teacher for more information.