The first transition away from home should be comfortable for both your infant and you. Our highly trained teachers and staff will nourish your child in a creative world. We provide an environment that is researched and focused on the growth of little bodies and minds. Your child’s progress will be monitored daily while we introduce new developmental activities that are unique to their patterns of playing, feeding, and sleeping.

A completely new world seems to open when babies take to their feet and start talking. You can trust we will be at your toddler’s side to guide the sensory experiences that enhance your child’s cognitive, language, motor, and social skills.

Your child will want to see and do many new things, including the development of friendships with other toddlers. Children at this stage start to gain confidence, form words and sentences to express themselves, and interact during group play. Our teachers are trained to encourage the development of each child’s unique skills and interests.



Our Infant & Toddler Program commitment includes:

  • Cognitive and motor skill development during playtime and activities
  • Self-esteem building through nurturing personal care
  • Group interaction and socialization
  • Development through age appropriate materials and toys
  • Regular teacher communication to keep you informed about your child’s day
  • Group instruction to promote social skill development
  • Daily curricula balanced with nurturing, playtime, and learning
  • Variety of daily activities and experiences
  • Learning areas that feature dramatic play, creative arts, language, and sensory exploration
  • Development of self-esteem, confidence, and a love of learning
  • Regular teacher communication to keep you informed about your child’s day

Due to high demand, space in our programs is limited. Program availability varies by center location. For more information, contact 937 2 ENROLL.