Experiences in the first three years of life have a strong impact on brain development and learning.  They are the foundation for healthy development and strong child outcomes in the preschool years and beyond.

Our program commitment and focus includes a predictable yet flexible routine for both infants and toddlers. We provide support and activities that include the following areas:

  • Approaches to Learning, incorporates emotional, behavioral and cognitive self-regulation which supports children acquiring knowledge and learning new skills;
  • Social and Emotional Development, supports the child’s ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships with adults and other children;
  • Language and Literacy, this includes emerging abilities in listening and understanding (receptive language) and in using language (expressive language);
  • Cognition, this includes reasoning, memory, problem-solving and thinking skills;
  • Perceptual, Motor and Physical Development, this is foundational to children’s learning in all areas because it permits children to fully explore and function in their environment.

In our classrooms you will see:

  • Skill development during play experiences
  • Nurturing personal care
  • Group interaction and socialization
  • A variety of learning experiences and activities supporting the whole child
  • Observation based assessments on each child
  • Researched based curricula implementation
  • Curricula that is focused on the whole child
  • Teachers that will communicate with you about your child’s progress through daily conversations, parent teacher conferences and home visits



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