Highly Qualified and Professional Staff

Our staff receives training and ongoing professional development course work to provide your child the best learning experiences early in life.


We deliver exceptional early childhood education and develop compassionate partnerships with families to support them in realizing their hopes and dreams.


Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc. achieves our mission by providing quality environments and experiences that support active learning, which empowers individuals to seize opportunities for improving their conditions in life.

  • We will promote life-long learning by serving as mentors and coaches for the children and parents we serve, as well as for each other.
  • We will provide leadership for quality programming in all areas and be advocates for children and their families.
  • We will be an employer of choice, employing qualified and diverse staff who demonstrate a strong commitment to professional development.
  • We will achieve financial flexibility by pursuing alternative sources of funding.
  • We will develop, in partnership with other community providers, creative initiatives to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve.

Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc. embraces the spirit of excellence in our work with children, families, and the communities we serve.


Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc. promotes learning for children, families, employees, partners, funders and the community through our commitment to:

  • QUALITY; setting and achieving high expectations and goals for service excellence.
  • HONESTY; openness and trust in all relationships and actions.
  • COMMUNICATION; effectively sharing information, skills and expertise.
  • TEAMWORK; achieving goals through cooperation.
  • CREATIVITY; the ability to generate new ideas and solutions.
  • RESPECT; treating individuals with dignity and acknowledging the contributions they make.
  • DIVERSITY; using an active, participatory approach that embraces change, respects the variety of experiences, and values differences.